Musical Lineage

Kohachiro Miyata (宮田 耕八朗)

Rodrigo's shakuhachi Master is Miyata Kohachiro (宮田 耕八朗), born in 1938. Kohachiro Miyata in his youth he played the trombone in the elementary school, he had a small inconvenience for practice trombone at his home due to the volume of the instrument, years after choosing the shakuhachi becouse discreet and intimate sound, Mr. Miyata started his successful career in the Japanese traditional musical history.He Formed the Shakuhachi Trio with Katsuya Yokoyama and Minoru Muraoka in Tokyo 1962.Mr. Miyata Worked as a lecturer at Tokyo College of Music from 1975 to 1992.Kohachiro is noted for his playing of contemporary as well as traditional music (Honkyoku 本曲), and his recital programs are devoted equally to both repertories.He recorded for NoneSuch Records in New York during the Ensemble Nipponia's first tour of the United States (1976), which was sponsored by the Performing Arts Program of the Asia Society.Miyata's compositional career is notable for its stylistic diversity and his compositions for Japanese ensemble instruments.Rhythmic energy, the construction of extended melodic ideas out of a few two- or three-note cells and clarity form of instrumentation and utterance.Kohachiro Miyata is founder of Mu-Ryû 無流 school, Ryû means "style", the meaning of Mu 無 is "not have; without" is a keyword in Buddhism, especially in the Chan and Zen traditions.Mu-Ryû literally means "not style", not belong to any style or beyond Tozan Ryû and Kinko Ryû the two most acclaimed schools in Japan.


Horii Kojiro (april 25 1907 - october 24 1985)


Kaneyasu Tōdō (1894 - 1981, June 22)