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For Luna (Variations of Neptune) 2020!.

For Luna (Variations of Neptune)

Rodrigo Rodriguez ft. Les Silva

The new album by the shakuhachi musician Rodrigo Rodriguez: For Luna (Variations of Neptune), in which the traditional Japanese flute and the electronic music of Les Silva transport us to outer space with immersive, suggestive sounds. A tribute from Rodrigo Rodríguez, to his daughter Luna" RTVE, Asia Hoy RNE

The Distant Call of the Deer

Rodrigo Rodríguez's new album (Shakuhachi: The Zen Flute, The Distant Call of the Deer), this time together with his teacher Kohachiro Miyata in the art of the Zen flute. It is called The distant call of the deer (Shika no Tone), a musical poem of extolling Nature., Spanish National Radio, Asia Hoy program, Eloy Ramos.

Kohachiro Miyata & Rodrigo Rodriguez

Shakuhachi: The Zen Flute (The Distant Call of the Deer)


Born in Argentina (1978). Rodriguez arrived to Spain in 1986, where he spent most of his childhood. At an early age, he began to study modern and classical music.

Between the years of 1993-1999, Rodrigo tutored at home enrolled with several teachers of classical guitar until he was 22 years old. Rodrigo's professional music career began in Spain. It was there that he discovered his first asian instrument the Shakuhachi flute.

Fascinated by Japanese music, he travelled to Japan several times to enhance his knowledge. He studied classical and traditional Japanese music under the lineages of Katsuya Yokoyama with the Master Kakizakai Kaoru in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School.

His interest in traditional and ethnic musical instruments began before he reached his teenage years. As a young child, Rodrigo had a vision for imitating the music and sounds he heard in his mind.

His many and diverse travels enabled him to acquire a rare collection of experiences from which to create his unique compositional language. In 2006 several compositions from his album "Inner Thoughts" were licensed, arousing the interest of a well known record label, Gemini Sun Record based in Los Angeles, CA. Rodrigo's compositions can be divided into three basic categories: New Age, World Music and Contemporary Music.

In recent years he has performed numerous concerts in both the West and the East, at legendary stages like Imperial Hotel Tokyo and NHK Culture Center of Japan. In the late 2009 Rodriguez started to study with the renowned master of Japan's leading players of shakuhachi Miyata Kohachiro,interested in Contemporary and Koten Shakuhachi. Rodrigo showed deep interest and dedication to Miyata's compositions and repertoire. Thereafter, he resolved to study all types of traditional Japanese music, paying special attention to the differences between the two very different musical traditions.

In 2011-2012 he received invitation from Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory to perform in the XIV International Music Festival "The Soul of Japan" ("NIHON-NO KOKORO") in Moscow.

On February of 2018 Rodrigo released his eighth album "The Classical Music Legacy of Japan", Rodrigo selects an expanded repertoire of classical music from Japan. Also including the well-known Spanish master piece Concierto de Aranjuez for Classical Guitar and flute Shakuhachi. On April of 2018, Rodrigo performs for the first time in New York, invited to play at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden Festival, Sakura Matsuri (festival).

On November , 2018 Rodrigo releases the single Shakuhachi: The Zen Flute (The Distant Call of the Deer) a single collaboration with his teacher Kohachiro Miyata.In that album appear the famous traditional piece Shika no Tone (The Distant Call of the Deer) and it was arranged in 1974 by Kohachiro Miyata.


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Duet Shika no Tone

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After the recording in Tokyo

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Ma-Cho Temple

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Kohachiro Miyata lunch time

Rodrigo with Masaru Emoto

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Shakuhachi concert in the Ma-Cho Temple

21 Jan
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Shakuhachi concert in Bacsil, Meditation and Yoga Center.

Zen Music for Calm.

Shakuhachi Lineage

Mu-Ryu School

Kōhachirō Miyata (born 1938) 宮田 耕八朗 is renown Shakuhachi player and composer. He performs both traditional Honkyoku music and contemporary music. He recorded with Ensemble Nipponia in the United States in 1976. Among his top graduate students is Rodrigo Rodriguez. His recordings have been published by Nonesuch Records, JVC, and King . The most famous musical pieces composed by Kohachiro Miyata are Tsuru no Sugomori for solo shakuhachi, Mizuho no Uta (Poem of Japan) and Kibikati no Mori.

International Shakuhachi Academy

The international Shakuhachi Academy is founded by Rodrigo Rodriguez after having a vision for the future, with the fundamental objective of spreading the musical legacy created by  Kohachiro Miyata's in the 20th century.Uniting the teachings  through the sound of shakuahchi in this globalized world.

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Our physical shakuhachi school is based in Japan, Spain an the Philippines.

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shakuhachi flute.Traditional shakuhachi and contemporary  shakuhachi lessons to students all over the world via live video chat.

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Kaneyasu Tōdō

(1894 - 1981, June 22)

Horii Kojiro

(april 25 1907 - october 24 1985)

Kaneyasu Tōdō


Rodrigo Rodriguez


International Online Shakuhachi School

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